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Company Overview


Founded in 1986, PFS is a global leader in Information Technology recruitment and placement of contract and permanent/full-time professionals. We supply quality candidates with all levels of qualifications, for a wide range of positions up to the President level. We currently have offices in the United States of America and Canada. Our firm’s headquarters are conveniently located in downtown Toronto, at Brookfield Place, 161 Bay Street.

Our firm provides a full array of services within the following areas:

  • Consulting Services
  • Systems Integration
  • Systems Management – Outsourcing
  • Professional Services

Consulting Services – PFS focuses on developing business and technological strategies for clients to enhance their return on investment.

System Integration – PFS helps companies maximize the value of their IT investments by using different technologies, applications and business visions, reducing their overall IT costs. We are experienced with both leading edge and legacy technologies/applications, including a variety of vendor packages.

Systems Management and Outsourcing – PFS believes that corporations should concentrate investment and energy on what the corporation does best. Our intent is to minimize the intense effort and costs incurred by IT infrastructure. PFS will mange our client’s entire infrastructure or ongoing IT functions, providing development and maintenance of specific applications on-site or off-site.

We take utmost pride in and commitment to our work. Your needs are our business. We strive to achieve the highest levels of client satisfaction.

In today’s rapidly changing technological environment, MIS managers need a reliable source, such as PFS, for high-performing professionals. It is essential to have employees who are competent, productive and motivated. PFS can help you, efficiently and effectively, with the difficult task of hiring capable, technologically current systems professionals for salaried, consulting and temporary positions.

PFS policy is to minimize the time spent on the hiring process, by ensuring that all candidates presented have the skills required and fit into your organization. PFS takes pride in satisfying client’s requirements quickly, expertly, and at competitive rates.



PFS’s mission is to assist private and public sector organizations to acquire and retain the most qualified IT professionals available, and who are suitable for their needs. We will continue to build on long-term client partnership, professionalism and integrity, establishing a world-class Information Technology recruiting company.

Knowledgeable and committed staff is vital to business today, and directly affects the performance and profitability of our clients.


Our Reputation

PFS helps clients in every major industry, large and small. Our accomplishments are the success of our client’s projects.

PFS provides strong support in the use of technology; from Client/Server Data Warehouse projects and major web based interactive applications to third party vendor software including SAP, GEAC and Oracle among others.

PFS’s success has been attributed to the investment in client research, the development of long term client relationships, and, above all, the development and support of PFS consultants.

PFS takes great pride in the professionalism of its consultants. We work closely with our clients and their staff in meeting their objectives.

We are not limited to traditional mainframe applications and commercially available software, but extend to user-friendly environments with custom-designed software.


Our Commitment

We emphasize quality and performance. Our commitment to our clients comprises responsive services, professionalism, and excellence. We work with our clients to garner all available information regarding their companies and related needs in order to provide service, now and in the future. We maintain the highest level of integrity. All work is undertaken in the strictest of confidence.


Our Values

PFS’s success is due to our exceptional service to our clients. We believe in the development of long-term client relationships, and, above all, our partnership with clients to become business solution leaders. PFS believes that the use of leading-edge technologies, coupled with highly skilled consultants, will help our clients to be industry winners.

Providing value for our clients is our business.